A princess'duty

Chalyss is having some games with her tiny guests but the naughty princess is not know to play by the rules. The comic is 75 pages long.

Chalyss' family is preparing for the arrival of some very important guests and allies. As a -soon to be- Princess of Hell, the succubus has some pressing duties she must attend to, in order to properly greet them. Whimsical as she is though, Chalyss tends to not take take them seriously. Fortunately ( or not ), her maid Ashmet found a creative way to motivate her with a Jar full of delicious souls that the succubus can devour only if she performs a certain action. Unbeknown to the maid, Chalyss has some even more creative ways in mind to go past that hurdle !

Contains mature content (nudity) and soft vore (creatures/people being devoured whole and alive). The comic is 80 pages long.

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